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Designed with passion, CostradCom is your partner in a multi-cultural and innovative business world
about CostradCom

CostradCom was established in 1998 by Peter Broström.
Today CostradCom act as a community for professionals working across sectors on projects for business and organizational development.
Our work is highly participative and experiential – often involving the use of interactive technology and collaboration with clients to create and deliver experiences of transformational change and growth.

our values

We bring the values of Creativity, Collaboration and Compassion to all we do and we hope they stand out as hallmarks of our approach. Most of all, we aim to work with integrity – to be genuine and to inspire trust as people and as professionals. We are deeply interested in the emerging scientific and organizational literature around the place and importance of Love at work, believing that it is vital for creating contexts and conditions for profound transformation.

our approach

We believe that all clients and situations are unique. This means that we have a deep commitment to work in partnership with our clients.
We work experientially – making extensive use of reality-based programs and practice-oriented learning methods such as simulations, dialogue sessions, coaching, constellations, action learning, audience-participation theatre, and other approaches. These methods challenge our clients intellectually and emotionally and support real change.
Because we are deeply interested in breakthrough and transformation, we don’t pretend to have all the answers in advance, but we commit to going into unknown territory together with our clients, and sharing risk

our presence

We work internationally, with global corporations as well as Government and Public Sector clients.
From feedback we receive, our clients value the ways we customize our approach. We use a practical and participative approach. Using new tools and approaches when appropriate, to transfer our know-how.

The Devil is in the detail

We pay a lot of attention to the fine details, for that is what separates a good and great solution

Our clients don’t compromise on quality. They are leaders and entrepreneurs, comfortable knowing that they need a diverse team with all the skillsets needed to succeed. They are smart investors of their time and money, and understand the importance of running a tight budget and investing long-term. They seek a team who equally believes in their vision. Most of all, they are bold. At one point in their lives, they decided that they have one shot at life and they decided they’d rather chase their dreams than retreat into a standard path. At CostradCom, we help realize your dreams. Our goal is to grow along with you until we have succeeded together.

  • Unlimited Possibilities

Personal Approach

We believe that when you do things with passion and intent, magic happens!

We turn Ideas into Business
We bring out the gifted people in your Talents
We connect you to Partners
We Transform your Business


Because no transformation is possible without reflection , we provide a number of deep-impact reflective practices:
Personal and Team Coaching
Talent Retention & Acquisition
Leadership Supervision


We connect to world leading experts for any technical solution. We have the best guiding experts in-house. What you need we provide.


We improve your personal brand and enhance your digital presence. We can also provide a completely new appearance with additional new stationery, business cards and logos.

We are a small team that does big things and connected enough to make a difference